10 things that skilled house painters do

skilled house painter


What does house painters do? It can be pretty obvious, right? Painters , paint genius! – you migh say. But I often get questions like, do you do drywall repair, or do you know how to fix a hole on a door, or is it something that you can do? Basically this is how this blog post was born. You have asked it and now I am going to answer.

1.Drywall repair.
It’s really not a rocket science. That’s important to know though that we have regular drywall, (white)moisture resistant ( green) and fire resistant ( pink). We know how to taping, sanding, painting and caulking the drywall, so if it is broken, or need to be replaced, or just some hole should be filled than it’s not gonna be challenging. Every painter does that.
2. Wall repair after electrical or air conditioning jobs.
When you have made a decision about rewiring your flat or house, you probably didn’t calculated the mess in it. It’s not just about the ear-splitting noise, dust and complaining neighbours, but sooner or later you have to ask the question: who the heck is going to fix it, right?
Sometimes companies do some kind of repair,- i wish they didnt, or the homeowner finds a bricklayer who will be sober enough till the job ends, but relax, i assure you that we painters deal with it.
3. Water damage repair.
It depends on its size. I’m not talking about a small yellowish stain on your ceiling that you can easily threat with special sealer (Wallkyd) but the waterfall that went through your flat out of controll. I’ve been repairing many water damage affected walls- ceilings, and one thing is sure, not many painters repair it. The reason is that it could take months for your walls to be completly dry, and takes many steps to have a nice finish. It’s too much trouble for many, but I undertake it.
4.-5. Painting doors and windows.
I am not gonna lie, the majority of painters hate to do it. How do I know it? I am a painting contractor, remember? We meet in a paint shop, we talk about things, so that’s an open secret. Many painter try to avoid it becuse it is not just time consuming, but meticulous job. I love to see the transformations of old doors or windows, so I am your guy for the job.
I have a confession to make. I was one of them. I didn’t like doing it because of the lack of skill.Took me long enough to learn how to cut, install and paint it. Now, one of the first questions to the home owner: What about crown molding?
7. -8. Exterior repairs & repaints.
After the door and window fitters have gone the only ugly area will be around the newly built in door and window. These days one can buy ready mixed mortar ( like gypsum) in any paint shop and it doesnt take a genius to add some water to it while one stirs the bag content. I see no reason why not.
Exterior repaint is different story. This year I painted a big house. Some areas could be reached by an extension ladder, but i had to rent a movable scaffolding. I don’t have it because i work with different sized ladders. The ground was uneven and somebody had to be near it, so this is not really for a one man show contractor.
Many painters are afraid of height owing to their age, or healt problems so this might be the reason why they do not paint exteriors.
9. Wallpapering.
In the 2000’s the ingrain ( wood-chip) wallpaper was very popular but nowadays homeowner wants different type, style and only one wall to be wallpapered.
Hanging wallpaper requires special attention. Some say it isn’t worth the stress and too much of the trouble., especially if the paper is cheap and bad quality. Partly I share this opinion, however I always tell to the homeowner which one worth the investment. Most painter do wallcoverings.
10. Limewashing
This stuff brings me back in time , when I was a painter apprentice. The school was very poor, so the cheapest material was used: Limewash. We had a big steel barrel, we put a big chunk of limewash in it and mixed it with cement, calcium carbonate, sunflower oil. Nowadays it is ready made, so you dont need to know this recipe. At school we applied it with a big brush, and painting with it was a pain in the… you know. Modern paints have already crushed its popularity, and if i’m not wrong I had only one job in 2018.
+1 Wall texturing techniques
One of my favourite texture techniques when I work with plaster ( gypsum based) and a trowel, and use my imagination to create a stunning wall. Recently I was fortunate enough to have a customer who allowed me to texture his living room. In 2017 I plastered a wall with this style, but this one was bigger and could use 2 different colors. There are many ways to have an exciting accent wall. You can use a sponge, a rag, a paste brush, concrete plaster, or venetian plaster Youtube will be a great help for you. I like doing it, because it really comes from inside and results a unique wall texture. Creative painters do.
Basically this is what we painters do for the living. Undoubtedly, there are many skilled house painters who are able to do tiling, building drywalls,laying laminate floors etc. I also know people that I can recommend to my customers, which makes life easier because it’s hard to find a reputable tradesman in Budapest I think many painting contractor go above and beyond their job. However not many feels comfortable doing what they less know, so they would rather pass it to someone else. The best piece of advice is that when you talk with him over the phone ask him about what he does, so you can avoid any kind of miscommunication.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and learned something from it. If you find value in it then all I’d like to ask is like and share it. Maybe you also have something that needs to be done, but haven’t dare to ask how to. Do not forget I’m here to help you. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

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