How can several millions of forints land in your pocket on your home renovation?

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How can several million forints land in your pocket for home renovations?  

That is too good to be true one might think, but the Hungarian government covers the half of renovation costs for families with one or more children. The total value of the offer is up to 3 million forints and the scheme starts from the beginning of  January 2021.  That is going to be a huge help for those families who own a house or a flat, but could not afford to renovate it before because of the lack of funds.. Let’s delve into the details for a better understanding. 

How much money can the families get back from the total amount of the renovation? 

The maximum amount of support can be a total of HUF 3 million. Up to half of the  building and decorating materials, as well as plumbing and essential electrical costs and labour can be covered by the scheme.

When the home renovation program starts? 

Starting from the 1st of  January 2021, this government support scheme is open to applications until the 31st of  December 2022. 

Who is entitled to the Family Protection Action plan? 

To qualify you mist be up to date with all your all payments due too public authorities (such as your Income Tax) and well as having up to date social security contributions.

What can he home renovation grant program be spent upon? 

•         kitchen renovations 

•         bathroom renovations 

•         utility connections 

•         heating system (upgrade or replacement) 

•         purchasing of a new boiler / boiler 

•         external-internal insulation 

•         installation of a mezzanine or internal stair

•         roof replacement or enovation 

•         garage or summer kitchen renovation 

•         painting and decorating 

•         Carpenter jobs 

Are divorced and single parents entitled to home improvement support? 

Couples and life partners can apply for the support, as well as parents raising their children and children alone. If one of the parents raises the child or children alone, he or she is entitled to it. 

Is it paid in advance or in arrears by the state? 

The costs of the housing renovation will be paid in advance by the families themselves, and then the money will be returned to the Hungarian State Treasury (MÁK) upon subsequent request. 

What needs to be presented, what administration is needed to get the grant? 

All invoices for material costs and labor costs must also be made, and then all of them must be sent to MÁK within 60 days after the completion of the work. The process can also be conducted entirely electronically. 

When will the family receive the amount of the home renovation allowance? 

MÁK has 30 days to assess the grant and then disburse the grant amount within 5 days. So a 30 + 5 day waiting period is needed for the family to get back the money invested in their home renovation. 

Will they verify that the home has actually been renovated? 

The inspection will be take place within six months of the receipt of the State aid. 

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