Job description

Masking with plastic dust sheets

Masking with dust sheet+ floor protection paper

Wall sizing ( ec. after sanding)

One coat plastering

Two coats plastering

Sanding ( after plastering)

Wall scraping

Drywall Plastering 

Corner bead installation

Cutting in ( ec. between white ceiling and colored walls) 

Wall repair up to 5 centimetre depth

Wall repair between 5-10 centimetre depth


2 coats of wall painting  with minor repair

Painting new wooden surface

Painting old wooden surface

Stripping paint ( burning it off)

Painting on metal surface

Pipe painting

Wallpapering (chipwood)

Wallpapering (vlies woven)

Hourly work

Furniture moving

Drywall Building (Walls -one sheet)

Drywall building ( Walls - 2 sheets)

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation installation 

Drywall building (ceiling)

Pipe Boxing

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450.- Huf /square metre

650.- Huf / square metre

300.- Huf/square metre

1400.- Huf/ square metre

1800.- Huf/square metre

450.- Huf/ sqaure meter

500.-Huf/ sqaure metre

2500.- Huf/ metre

600.- Huf/ metre

300.- Huf/ metre

1000.- Huf/square metre

1500.- Huf/ square metre


2000.- Huf/square metre

9000.- Huf/square metre

9000.- Huf/square metre

7000.- Huf/square metre

6500.- Huf/square metre

800.- Huf/metre

3000.-Huf/square metre

4000.- Huf/square metre

6000.- Huf/hour

4500.- Huf/hour

5500.- Huf/square meter

7500.- Huf /square meter

600.- Huf/ Square meter

5500.-Huf/ sqaure meter

7000.- 9000.-Huf/ meter

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